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TRB is currently seeking new enrolments for all classes from Dance and Performance through to senior ballet classes. Complete an online enrolment form and we will contact you.

Terre Rouge Ballet KarrathaTerre Rouge Ballet KarrathaTerre Rouge Ballet KarrathaTerre Rouge Ballet KarrathaTerre Rouge Ballet Karratha

Terre Rouge Ballet (TRB) strives to bring the art of ballet to the youth of the Pilbara.

TRB offers training in classical and contemporary ballet and supports students who wish to pursue a career in the performing arts or simply to dance for the sheer pleasure of the art.

TRB is qualified to teach the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus, enabling our youth to benefit from this internationally renowned organisation. Each year TRB conducts the RAD exam session locally for the students of the Pilbara so they can be assessed by an independent RAD examiner. To date, TRB has entered over 300 students into presentations/exams since its establishment in 2010, with a 100% success rate.

The much loved winter concert has become a favourite for the local communities in the Pilbara to show how performing is an art form that all the family can enjoy. TRB proudly presents a new show each year to delight everyone, allowing our dancers to shine onstage. This is only one of several events which TRB students perform in throughout the year. Our annual Ballet in the Park is a celebration of the year's achievements by all TRB students and is held in late November, early December. 

No matter what style of dance your child progresses to, a background in ballet will instil technique and skill that will be evident throughout their lives. Above all, TRB encourages our youth to immerse themselves in the art of ballet, believe in themselves and strive to achieve.


2017 Timetable

Terre Rouge Ballet Timetable

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Our current sponsors are: 

Dampier Community Association Shire of Roeburne   


KDCCI, Engenium Engineering Consultants.

Latest News

Welcome to 2017! There are so many exciting developments afoot for Terre Rouge Ballet.

We will be continuing classes in our studio at 3/16 Hedland Place, with term 1 commencing on Saturday 4th February 2017.

Enrolments are open and we would love to thank all those parents and students who have already secured their place in classes.

Miss Ellen expands her teaching as our main teacher with the support of Miss Mel (in Karratha).

At this stage, we will not be offering classes in Dampier in 2017 and we are looking into the possibility of once again offering classes in Pannawonica.